small kitchen

small kitchen

The New Kitchen Trend That Made This Dramatic Lighting Look Possible

For better or for worse, interior designers and homeowners are cutting out their kitchen cabinets. Whether you think the trend of removing upper cabinets is a storage nightmare or an open-plan daydream, you have to admit it’s inspiring to see designers re-think such a delimited space. It can give way to totally new looks, like this lighting solution that is not only beautiful but also surprisingly efficient.

32 Wonderful Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration

Many kitchen design professionals consider the original mid century designs to be very good designs and now a whole new age group is just becoming familiar with them. The mid century modern kitchen describes a kitchen design relates to mid 20 th century developments in interior design and architecture. These… #kitchen #32 #

12 Insanely Clever Kitchen Ideas You Hadn’t Thought of Yet (You’re Welcome!)

Kitchens are the workhorses of the house by their very nature, and these brilliant ideas — if we do say so ourselves — will help you take yours to the next level. From how to fake stainless steel appliances on the cheap to a smart new use for those silly fake cabinetry drawers, we’ve found useful tips and tricks for every kitchen out there. More supersmart kitchen tricks from Yahoo Makers: 9 Supersmart Kitchen Hacks to Keep Your Groceries Ultrafresh 10 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Big…